Can You Squeeze the Juice Out of a Lemon by Poking a Hole in It?

It seems like everyone is taking on a new challenge these days. So when we saw the #lemonjuicechallenge on TikTok , we decided not to pass up the opportunity.

It turns out that this “task” is to pierce the end of the lemon with a hole and squeeze out the juice. It sounded simple enough, but a few questions arose:

  • Do you get more juice this way than cutting a lemon in half?
  • What to do with a whole lemon without juice?
  • What is this thing about TikTok and why are all kids so crazy about it?

We could not verify the latter; for the rest we tried our best.Check out the Hack or Wack episode above to see the results. This is also our first episode of Hack or Wack to be filmed at home, so let us know if you have any other quarantine or social distancing tricks you’d like us to test from the comfort of our apartments.


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