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After spending a couple of months at home full time with their children, many parents are looking forward to spending the summer with … their children at home on a full-time basis. Depending on where you live and how strictly you personally intend to maintain social distancing during the warmer months, teens may already have reached the peak of boredom. It’s time for them to 1) play with something new and creative and 2) tidy up their bedroom walls or update their social media profiles. To do both, submit them to Poster My Wall .

In Poster My Wall, users can view graphic and video templates by theme , such as birthdays, concerts and bands, inspirational, graduation, family, or sports. Or they can search by size – from the size of an Instagram post or YouTube thumbnail to a poster or flyer.

I am by no means a graphic designer (which will soon become apparent), but playing around with a blank template to see how things work, I made this little drawing for Instagram in about 10 minutes:

Yes, so you can understand why I tend to gravitate towards templates, of which there are many . But for more talented designers, you can customize your graphics from scratch . Choose a size (poster, banner, album cover, Instagram post or story, Facebook cover photo, or general image or YouTube channel cover photo, to name a few). Then search for stock images on the site, upload your photo, select background colors and add text.

You can of course pay for a premium subscription . But unless you’re a business owner trying to use Poster My Wall for marketing and branding purposes, the basic free version is probably all your family needs. You kids will mainly use it to create your own graphics, design some social media images, and maybe print posters to hang in your bedrooms. The teenage son of a Lifehacker employee even used it to create an image of an embroidery patch that a friend sews for him.

Parents can also use Poster My Wall to create digital birthday invitations for their kids or even social distancing holiday parade invitations . Most of the templates are free, but some designers charge a couple of dollars if you want to customize your template. Also note that many free designs will have a small “Made with” watermark at the bottom, but that doesn’t detract too much from the overall design.


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