How to Get Your Baby to Take Medication

Babies and medicine are not always the best combination. They’re sick or erupting, and you know some medicine will help, but they don’t have it, and logic won’t get you anywhere. Parents have developed several different tricks over the years to deal with this problem (give them a chase! Dip a lollipop in it! Call it “superhero juice”!), But sometimes nothing works and you need to get revenge on the more creative one.

Depending on how they are resistant to receiving medication and how desperate you are, you can go to Ba bank, like it did this mother to TikTok . All you need is:

  • Medicine
  • Measuring Cup for Medicine
  • Empty juice bag and straw
  • Scissors
  • Careless attitude

Just measure out the correct dosage into one of those small plastic measuring cups that come with most liquid baby medicines. Use scissors to cut a hole large enough for the cup to fit in the back of the pouch without damaging the bottom. Press the cup against the hole, insert the straw and you’re done. Like this :

The trick here is that they’re still young enough not to hold the juice box on their own – an adult has to hold it so they don’t spill that little cup of medicine or, you know, see the surgery that was done. to the back.

The song “Don’t Be Suspicious” (from the ending of “Parks & Recreation”) in the background of this video is a nice touch, especially since the kid does look a little suspicious – something is wrong, he just might be hard to tell what. But it’s a box of juice , so he’ll drink it anyway.


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