Frozen Berries and Cream – the Perfect Quarantine Dessert

Fresh berries and cream were and always will be my favorite spring dessert, but my efforts to limit travel to the grocery store right now means I always run out of fresh berries a few days before my next run is scheduled. This is a relatively minor inconvenience, especially since I can make almost as good an option with frozen berries that never go bad.

The main difference between the two “recipes,” if you can call them that, is that frozen berries need sugar, while truly fresh ripe fruits are rare. Frozen berries can be quite tart, but it’s easy to fix: just sprinkle with a healthy spoonful of sugar.

Then leave everything for a moment or two. Let the sugar dissolve and become a little syrupy. (The longer you wait, the more syrup will be.)

Finally, pour in the cream, wait a few seconds and shake. The cream will freeze to the berries, creating a sweet ice cream-like shell around the tart fruit. Small berries like blueberries and raspberries work best, but strawberries work best if you chop them up with a spoon after they’ve thawed a little. With the fruit in your mouth, finish off by drinking the sweet cream that turns pink. It’s the amazingly perfect moment of decadence that I’m always looking for.


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