Print Your Own Blank Calendars

With all the technology at hand, I still appreciate the paper calendar on the wall in front of my desk. It’s handy to look up and see what the date is next Monday or how many weeks are left before a certain deadline. I used to buy published calendars from bookstores, but have since found an easier solution: I print the calendar pages from and post them up as much as I like.

I choose the ones that have one giant number on each square, but if you prefer one that has room to write your own events, there are those too . Or do you need an abridged version that fits four months on a page? A checkbox calendar every day so you can keep track of your habits? Column style planner? Each of them is just a print job.

Paper-based organizing tools, including calendars and planners, have advantages over their electronic counterparts. You can track exactly what you want and how you want without relying on an app to provide you with the correct input field. You can enjoy the concreteness (and psychological benefits ) of marking on a real piece of paper with any writing instrument. And you can put the papers where you want – on the wall, on the desk, or in a folder for papers – instead of tying them to the same little screen that you still stare at all day.


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