Make a Cold Beer in the French Press

Cold brewing is a very lazy method of brewing coffee, although that doesn’t mean it’s a pedantry process. While I’m sure there are many articles on the optimal grind size, extraction time and temperature, I tend to focus on logistics such as straining, which, depending on the filtration system you choose, can take a while . Because I am lazy and impatient, I rarely brew cold beer.

This is why my friend Rebecca (a genius) brews cold beer right in the French press. And while I know that French press coffee is a special brewing method with its own rules and best practices, a French press is also a pretty elegant way to strain cold beer (or even tea) without requiring a cheese cloth or coffee filter. … (If you don’t have a French press, you can also use a large bag of tea or nut milk; we’ll explain how here .)

To brew a cold beer in a French press, simply add ground coffee and water (or coconut water for a fun treat) to the cold coffee container and leave it on the table or in the refrigerator, covered with a lid, but lift up. -24 hours, depending on your preference. Ratio of a quarter cup of whole beans to one cup of water will result in a fairly concentrated drink, but you can always dilute it if needed. After the brewing time has elapsed, simply push the plunger to filter the grind, then pour in ice (or frozen coffee cubes) and enjoy (urgently, without waiting).


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