Rent Unique Feature Films From the Alamo Drafhouse Virtual Cinema

Cinemas across the country remain closed for operation; however Alamo Drafthouse opens up its virtual doors in some way, allowing you to rent and buy a pretty decent list of arthouse movies on its site.

The Cinema Chain’s “Virtual Cinema” offers handpicks from some of its staff to help you make your choices and gain access to some exciting new releases, as well as some festival souvenirs and cult classics.

You won’t find the latest blockbusters here, although Parasite is an option, instead you’ll find films like the American Scream documentary about people obsessed with turning their belongings into elaborate glasses every Halloween.

The prices are comparable to what you can find on another streaming platform. For example, American Scream can be rented for $ 3.99 or bought for $ 8.99. Parasite rents out for the same price but costs $ 1 more if you want to own it.

Elections; however, they are slightly different from what you would appear on a traditional streaming site, and can be a great opportunity to catch something great that you might have traditionally watched in a small movie theater if they were open.

And if you want to dive deeper into some of these releases, Alamo’s Birth.Movies.Death. A YouTube channel can be a great place to watch some behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive interviews, and other interesting films for free.


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