Extend File Explorer Preview Pane With This Windows 10 PowerToy

There are two reasons for installing the latest version of Windows 10 PowerToys. First, and most importantly, PowerToys will start self-updating soon. You don’t have to go to GitHub every time a new feature appears; you just get it whenever the app is updated. Progress!

Secondly, there is a brand new feature that will refresh your life in File Explorer. It’s not huge, but it’s something. With File Explorer PowerToy enabled, you will now be able to view .MD and .SVG files in the File Explorer preview pane. Given how limited the preview pane already feels in Windows 10, even adding just two additional file types seems like a huge improvement.

After installing the latest version of PowerToys, Explorer Additions should be enabled by default. If not, or if you want to check, right-click the PowerToys taskbar icon, select Options, and then click the Explorer link in the sidebar:

While you’re here, check out other useful PowerToys you can play with, too. We’ve covered some of these earlier, so here’s a quick list of features you can enable right now:

  • FancyZones: Press the Windows key + ~ to set up a locked layout for windows on the desktop. then you can pin your active windows to these sections, which will give you a more efficient way to multitask.
  • Image Resizer: Select the file (or files) in explorer and right click to find a new “Resize Images” option that you can use to do this.
  • PowerRename: The same. Select the file (or files) in Explorer and right-click to find the new PowerRename option, which gives you an advanced (but not complex) method to find and replace any characters in any of the filenames.
  • Keyboard shortcuts guide: Press and hold the Windows key to display a handy pop-up window showing all the keyboard shortcuts you might need.
  • Window Walker: Press Windows Key + CTRL and use the search bar to find all currently open windows. If you are one of those people who have as many applications open as browser tabs, this is a must-have.

I am waiting for the Windows Key + R replacement launcher to appear in the next versions of PowerToys – ideally version 0.18, which is getting ready for release.


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