Prepare Your Teenager for AP Exams With These Online Review Lessons

In addition to losing normal social life, disrupting classroom routines, and canceling graduation celebrations, many high school and high school students (and even some sophomores) are now struggling to prepare at home to take the challenging Advanced Placement tests. While AP classes are often a good method for preparing students for a college-level curriculum, in many cases the stakes are even higher.

If a student’s chosen college offers AP credit, a high test score could earn them free credits and significantly lower their overall college tuition bill. So for students who have worked hard in these advanced classes for the entire school year, now is not the time to let go of the gas pedal, pandemic or not – with tests starting May 11 , the pressure is on the rise. Perhaps the College Council’s AP YouTube channel can help your young learners complete their final course. offering daily live viewing lessons in 32 different subjects.

Repetition lessons in subjects from chemistry, physics and biology to art history, psychology and French are offered on a daily schedule. Each lesson is 45 minutes long, followed by a Q&A session.

You can watch lessons live or view past lessons directly on your YouTube channel . Each video has links to helpful resources such as sample questions and exam preparation tips.

The college council is also offering details on the changes to AP tests this year, which will take place online, will be open-book / open-note style, and will only include information that was likely covered in most AP classes prior to early March. …


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