You Can Enroll Your Kids in Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent flyer programs offer many benefits including priority boarding, upgrades, lounge access and more. But even the most heavily traveled people sometimes fail to realize that the benefits of these programs are not just for adults – children are also eligible to accumulate frequent flyer points.

Who is eligible

In the children’s frequent flyer programs, “kids” refers to ages 12 and under. Points can only be awarded to children traveling on their own ticket, which means they have their own seat. In other words, don’t go for an infant traveling in your lap.

Which airlines give points to children

The best part of these perks is that all major US airlines offer them. Here are the program details, for example, for United ,Jet Blue and Delta Airlines . If you have bonus points for yourself and are traveling with a child, it is definitely worth using the airline’s points system for them.

Points for children are offered by the following international carriers:

How to set it up

Setting up your child’s frequent flyer points takes 1, 2 … 3-5 minutes. All airlines have a dedicated portal for their frequent flyer programs and through these online portals you can register your children. For example, American Airlines’ frequent flyer portal is called AAdvantage . Any airline’s regular website will take you to a frequent flyer program – in this case, AAdvantage. The airlines will offer you the option to “join” or “check in” and you will choose any of the available options. You will need to enter a child:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Floor
  • The address
  • Email
  • Preferred Contact Number

In some cases, you will need to create a username, but if you are not prompted to do so, your frequent flyer number or email address will be used to log in. In addition, some airlines require you to call; Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), they may not allow the creation of an account for minors.

Are they about to expire?

Each airline has its own policy, so it is important to be aware of the details and not to miss out on the opportunity to use your child’s promotions. Some airlines also allow you to extend your service life as you use the airline’s services.

Airlines whose points do not expire:

Airlines that expire after 36 months (three years):

  • British Airways (time is counted from the last activity and can be increased as you are active)
  • Emirates (Expires in 3 years and cannot be renewed)
  • Lufthansa (time starts on the date of receipt of income and cannot be extended)
  • Qatar Airways (may be renewed or re-validated for a fee)
  • Singapore Airlines (time starts on the date of receipt of income and cannot be extended)
  • Virgin Atlantic (expandable the more active you are)

Airlines whose points expire after 24 months (two years):

  • Alitalia (times are counted from last activity and may increase as activity increases)
  • Etihad (expires 24 months from earning date and cannot be renewed)
  • Southwest (can be expanded with more activity)

Airlines whose points expire after 18 months (they can all be renewed the more you use the airline):

There is no downside to starting a frequent flyer program for your kids – and by the time they can travel on their own, they may already have enough points for a free ticket.


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