Make Cheater Pancakes by Diluting the Pancake Mix

The upsurge in fancy homemade baking is still quite difficult to find flour, eggs, and yeast, but mixes remain in abundance, including for pancakes. I – a famous lazy woman – have already been a fan of pre-mixed pancake mixes with added water, especially since I discovered I could use it to make pancakes that aren’t quite authentic but quite usable.

Depending on where you are, “pancakes” may refer to large, thin yeast pancakes made with wheat or buckwheat flour, but Westerners tend to think of them as small, savory (also) yeast discs filled with caviar. They are pretty funny.

While one might think that valuable ingredients like caviar deserve precious pancakes, I don’t think they are. Delicious caviar discs can be made by thinning regular tortilla batter; If there is no pancake connoisseur among you, no one will notice the difference. (And, if they really know the difference, blame “these desperate times.”)

The amount of extra water you use will depend on your mixture, but just add an extra quarter cup until you have a batter that stays flat and runny when you pour it into this pot. You may need to test several. Eat waste. Fry them in whatever oil you like or whatever you have on hand. From butter, pancakes become more variegated; A small lump of vegetable or other neutral oil in a non-stick skillet makes the crepes more uniform. Make a whole bunch of them.

After collecting a stack of pancakes, look for fillings in the refrigerator. Like the baked potato bar , pancakes are a good neutral refrigerator cleaner, so lay out a whole bunch of things. Sour cream, pickles, eggs with spices, cottage cheese, any canned fish, cold cuts, jellies and jams are all excellent contenders. If this awakens your cravings for caviar, indulge yourself and allow yourself a little luxury the next time you dare to go to the grocery store. People don’t allow themselves enough luxury in “these times,” so you are more likely to find caviar in stock.


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