How to Take Prettier Screenshots on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

By default, your Samsung Galaxy smartphone saves screenshots as dull images in .JPEG format. I have nothing against good old JPEG, especially if you need to save as much space on your device as possible. They just don’t look as good as the alternative that (almost) every other Android device uses by default – a powerful, lossless .PNG.

Of course, you won’t be able to switch from smaller to larger until you have installed the Android 10 update on your Samsung Android. If for some reason you were in no rush with this , install it now. I’ll wait.

Once you’re ready to make the .JPEG to .PNG swap, you’ll want to open the Settings app and click on Advanced Features . From there, find the option “Screenshots and Screen Recorder” . Tap it and you can then tap “JPG” to change it to “PNG”. As Android Police points out, you may not see this option; in this case, simply return to the main Settings application window and enter “screenshot format” instead.

It’s a little surprising that your Samsung device isn’t just using .PNG by default as a byproduct when upgrading to Android 10, but it’s arguably Samsung prioritizing space above all else. .PNG screenshots will not only look better, but will preserve whatever transparency the image may have. (Admittedly, this is something you’ll only really have to worry about if you’ve edited your screenshot to remove unnecessary elements after you’ve photographed it, but it still makes the images look prettier.)

Also, while making changes, feel free to disable the Screenshot toolbar from the Screenshots & Screen Recorder menu if you don’t want it to pop up every time you hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons. It’s an easy way to quickly edit and share your screenshot, but you might not need this feature if you’re taking a huge batch of full-size shots.


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