Can You Be Happy in Quarantine?

Now, when everything that may seem impossible (or even selfish) is happening in the world, try to be happy. Gretchen Rubin , author of Project Happiness , joined us from her home to share some of her tips on how to try to be happy (or at least deal with sadness) during this difficult time.

Rubin says it’s important to remember that there are different types of sadness to deal with – there is the current state of the world, but personal problems also arise. She says it’s important to acknowledge that all of these fears are valid and affect different people.

If you want to deal with fear, she recommends sticking to your routine (exercise, cleaning) and your social connections. She notes that one of the sweetest things we can do is reach out to people who may not have the means to connect with themselves. See the video above for all Rubin’s advice.


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