Watch Shows on Hulu, Disney +, and More. Together With Friends Using This Chrome Extension

By now, you’ve probably heard of Netflix Party , a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix shows at the same time as your friends. This can be a great option for a virtual movie night with friends, but it’s also a bit limiting as it only works with Netflix.

This week we came across a Chrome extension that goes a step further and includes most of the major streaming services.

Vemos works with Netflix as well as Prime Video, Disney +, YouTube, and Hulu.

The free Chrome extension allows you and your team to watch whatever you want together, and even better, it offers a video chat component so you can all see each other and pretend to be in the same room while watching.

Like Netflix Party, the extension also syncs all streams. While you all need to be logged in with your own streaming service accounts, if one person pauses a stream for a bathroom break, it also pauses for everyone else at the same time, so you all stay in the same place.

This is a fairly simple extension, but it can greatly improve group movie nights.


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