Which Companies Are Still Hiring Employees?

Between mass layoffs and a string of job freezes, the skyrocketing unemployment rate is causing many to wonder if it is worth looking for a job right now. And if you’re looking for a job, you might feel like you’re faced with millions of people vying for whatever meager job remains amid the closure of the coronavirus.

But even now, in some sectors there are still new employees. While the number of job postings on the platform as a whole was down 40% from the previous month, Snagajob shared several areas where recruitment has grown significantly.

Since March 11, logistics and warehouse costs have grown more than 156%, along with retail, transportation and grocery jobs. Positions in health care and convenience stores declined slightly, each by less than 5%. The biggest declines were seen in temporary workers (74% decline), entertainment (46%), hospitality (34%), seating restaurants (30%) and cleaning services (23%).

Want to start a new job as soon as possible?

Snagajob has a page dedicated to companies that are hiring employees to fill positions immediately, with the best job openings including grocery store clerks, customer service agents, cashiers, and delivery drivers. Companies employing staff include, but are not limited to, Ace Hardware, Domino’s, UPS, and Walgreens. The Glassdoor blog also calls for companies hiring during the pandemic, and Monster also notes that companies are hiring people in droves right now.


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