How Not to Talk to Friends and Family

Remember when you could ignore an incoming call and answer with a short text “I’m going out, I can’t speak now”?

Well those days are dead and gone . Now everyone knows that you sit at home all day and that there is no good reason why they cannot catch you for a quick conversation at any moment .

If you occasionally need a break from loved ones who call you multiple times a day (yes, my mom probably already read this post), the video above offers some tips on how best to limit these interactions.

Yes, some people deal with all this physical distancing by looking for more connections and conversations. Some of us may want to stay on the sidelines. Both answers are perfectly correct as we navigate this new way of life. These strategies are designed to help you get rid of these annoying communicators easily without offending them. (Again, except for my mom, who will call me immediately after watching this video.)


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