Fuck, Aero Press Your Coffee Straight Into a Can of Condensed Milk

If you are an intelligent and tasty person, then you probably bought several cans of condensed milk for your quarantine coffee . It’s sweet, creamy and shelf stable, and as pointed out by my very smart colleague on Twitter, it’s also perfect for AeroPressing.

As a lady of science and innovation, I saw this tweet and immediately slipped into the man’s DMs, demanding a polite request to know how it all “happened.” Here’s what he told me without editing:

Well, I usually do a very flabby pour-over in the morning, but I like to work at the airport sometimes to get me to work or before I lift or do BJ , and I bought some sweetened condensed milk to still drink. coffee. depending on how the order of staying at home is combined with social distancing, etc. (For example, if I could not get fresh milk, as I usually take it). And this afternoon I thought … wait … the AeroPress fits right into the can, and the bottom of the can has all those delicious lightly caramelized crunchy bits …

The rest, as they say, is (very recent) history. Obviously, this works best if you’ve already consumed condensed milk; a ratio of a couple tablespoons or so for every six ounces of coffee is ideal. But it’s a really fantastic way to clean up a nearly empty jar, ensuring you use every last bite of sweetness, including those all-important caramelized crunchies. If you don’t have an AeroPress, I suppose you can also just pour the coffee into a can or use it to grab a shot of espresso. But the AeroPress method is so elegant and you know how I love elegance.


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