Ask a Mental Health Expert About How to Handle a Pandemic [Completed]

The questions and answers are over. Thanks to Dr. Hafiz! As we all live in a pandemic, one of the pressing questions is how to prioritize our mental health in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. Given the rapid changes in our lives, anxiety about the economic collapse, and constant concern about keeping our loved ones safe and healthy, many people report increased levels of fear, stress, anxiety and depression .

These reactions are normal, but they also need to be actively monitored, be it self-help mechanisms or formal help from mental health professionals. The consequences of this pandemic will be felt over time, including long-term consequences for our mental health.

Here, to answer all your questions about how to prioritize your mental health in the midst of a crisis, says Sanam Hafiz, psychologist, neuropsychologist, founder and director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, PC , based in Queens and Manhattan. Besides leading this large practice, Hafiz is also a professor at Columbia University.

As part of her practice, she works with patients suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD. When Hafiz isn’t here, you can find her on Instagram @DrSanamHafeez where she not only covers mental health topics but also talks about life as a mother to twin boys.

In other words, she is the person who asks everything to do with how to prioritize her mental health during this crisis. The questions and answers are over. Thanks for all the great questions!


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