Olympus and Leica Offer Free Photography Courses Now

If you’ve spent your time socially distancing to work on your photography skills, now you have a few more ways to do it.

Last weekend, we shared some of the free online photography courses offered by Nikon , and this week we also found some offers from Olympus and Leica.

Olympus is offering new Olympus Home sessions. Unlike some of the other online classes available to everyone, it offers group sessions with just six people, which will hopefully give participants the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Here’s what he offers:

• Introducing the E-M1X : Ask questions and learn about the E-M1X, including menus and special features of your camera such as high-resolution manual shooting, intelligent object detection AF, Live ND mode and more.

• Introducing the E-M1 Mark III : Ask questions and learn about the E-M1 Mark III, including menus and special features for your camera such as Live ND Mode, Pro Capture, Live Composite, and more.

• Introducing the E-M5 Mark III : Ask questions and learn about the E-M5 Mark III, including menus and special features of your camera such as Pro Capture, High Resolution Mode, Live Composite, and more.

• Introducing the E-M10 Mark II and III : Ask questions and learn about your E-M10 series camera, including menus and special features of your camera such as easy shooting modes, 4K video and more.

• Macro photography: we help you think big when you shoot small. Ask questions and discuss everything about macro photography, including Olympus features to help you get the perfect shot, and equipment recommendations, including M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 and 30mm F3.5 macro lenses.

• Landscape photography : get ready to capture the landscapes you’ve always dreamed of! Ask questions, discuss lens settings and recommendations, and learn about high-res shooting modes, Live ND mode for capturing moving water and clouds, and more.

• Portrait photography : Learn how to take stunning portraits – indoors or outdoors. Ask questions and discuss portrait photography, including M.Zuiko lens guidelines, flash usage, Pro Capture mode, tethered shooting, and more.

• Bird photography : attract more caretakers by capturing fast moving birds! Ask questions and discuss everything related to birdwatching, including ideal settings, focus, Pro Capture mode, lens and binocular recommendations, spot scopes, and more.

• Fundamentals of Photography : Ask questions and learn the basics of photography, from understanding aperture, ISO and shutter speed to white balance, exposure, auto modes, and more.

• Live Composite Photography : Ask questions and discuss everything about Live Composite, including star trails, light trails, and portraits.

• Underwater photography : get ready to see a new underwater world! Ask questions about what gear is best for underwater photography, what camera settings are best, and how to use underwater lighting.

• Video from Olympus OM-D : Ask questions and discuss how best to record video with the OM-D System, and get answers to questions about OM-Log, shutter speed, body image stabilization, audio sync and more.

To participate, you must submit an application on the website . The “app” includes specifying your name, email address, and phone number, and then information about what type of camera equipment you are using. All of this means that it is more of a registration sheet than an actual application. There is no selection process. Although there are vacancies now, they are also limited. If you want to participate, it’s best to register now rather than later.

Leica is running a slightly different series of #StayHomeWithLeica, which includes a number of “free online programs created by Leica Akademie, Instagram Live interviews with famous photographers, virtual meetings held in our Leica stores, and weekly Instagram photo shoots designed for your passion. to the photo “.

Events happen every few days, and everyone will find something for themselves. You can see the full list of options on the Leica website here .


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