How to Access Your Private Instagram Posts on the Internet

Social and physical distancing is causing many of us to spend more time in front of screens and connect with friends in different ways than usual, often through social media.

Instagram in particular offers us a lot of interesting live performances. One thing he didn’t offer: the ability to write to friends over the Internet.

Historically, DMs on Instagram were only accessible through the social media app; however, this week Instagram also introduced this feature to the internet.

If you haven’t tried sending a DM from the internet, you can access it by going to your Instagram profile from a browser, logging in and then clicking the paper airplane icon in the top right corner of the page.

You can also upload your private messages directly by going to this page .

Of course, this is a small thing, but if you are someone who has used Instagram as a way to communicate with friends, then being able to access these messages online will definitely come in handy.

Unfortunately, one thing Instagram hasn’t added to this mix yet is the ability to watch all those Instagram Live videos online. Last week, we told you about a Chrome extension that will definitely help you get the job done , but it would be great if Instagram adds this support natively in the future.


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