Use This Official Form to Change Your Pet’s Name

If you are isolating yourself at home with your children – along with one or more pets – you may have decided now is the right time to change your pet’s name. Maybe you never liked that name to begin with, and now that you’re all in close contact all day, every day seems like never before, you just can’t hear Katy Purri say one thing. more time. It was funny at the time; it’s not funny anymore.

Or maybe your children simply have nothing to do, and changing the dog’s name will burn as much as 15 minutes (this is 5.5 hours according to the time of the pandemic). Anyway, if you want to change your pet’s name, you can do so. But please use this official form created by a father whose child wanted to change his kitten’s name – but only in the most usual way:

You can download and print Form PET-1016 (Form indicates that it is for pets only; you will need Form WILD-906 to name or rename a wild animal). Or you can fill out the form digitally. It doesn’t really matter, since that’s not really the right thing to do.

After you provide all the information you need, including how your pet greets you and its attractiveness rating, it will be signed by the pet owner, as well as the pet (if they so desire).

The official pet renaming website notes that pet owners are allowed unlimited name changes and there is no service fee, but they kindly asks you to let your pet know about this change.


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