You Should Definitely Fry Any Leftover Chicken Skin.

I’ve never completely trusted anyone who doesn’t like eating fried chicken skin. (This also applies to my mom.) Crispy skin, fresh both in the oven and after a Costco skewer, is one of the highlights of eating poultry. Those who leave this behind are fools .

If I am alone, I often take off the whole skin and eat it right away, but, apparently, some people are repulsed by this. Unfortunately, once the skin cools in the refrigerator, it becomes leathery, clammy, and overall not all that good. But if you’re stuck with remnants of slimy skin, you can give it a new one – dare I say it better? – life by frying it.

Any fried skin is delicious, but the fried skin of already cooked chicken is something special. It has already been cooked once, so much fat and collagen have melted, so it crunches easily and quickly. It’s also usually already seasoned, and those seasonings will become concentrated as the skin is browned, making perfect chicken chips. Even the gray flabby skin on the bottom of the bird turns into something golden and crunchy in a matter of minutes.

This is easy to do. Simply (gently) peel off the cooked chicken and place the slices in a cold, non-stick skillet. Place the skillet on the hotplate, turn on medium heat and cook until golden and crispy, turning once to get both sides (chopsticks work best). Transfer to paper towels, salt (if necessary) and enjoy sandwiches or salads, sprinkle with pasta, or all on your own.


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