What Bad Habits Did You Develop During the Pandemic?

We’re nearing the end of another week of physical distancing and hiding in place – and for some of us, that means another week of increased anxiety, unclear routines, and new bad habits.

But it normal. If you know you have acquired a habit or behavior that does not serve you well, there is still time to change. (After all, many of us are not going to go anywhere.)

Khe Hee of RadReads recently advised readers of his newsletter to ask themselves the following question:

What do you know you shouldn’t be doing but are still doing?

(Or vice versa: what you don’t do , but you know what you ought to do.)

Choosing just one behavior / habit / action to start or stop doing is a good way not only to better feel your current situation, but also to better control what is happening to you. Today you will be doing dumbbells at home. Today you will not check the news after 17:00. Today you are about to create a new morning routine (or new routine) that will help you be more productive, more real, or more positive.

So. What habit of anxiety about the coronavirus have you developed that you know you shouldn’t be doing right now? It’s a ridiculously long shower for me. Like, stay in the water for a long time until it cools down . Once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s bad for my skin, it’s bad for the water bill, theoretically it’s not good for the land, and a long morning bath shortens my workday at home.

If I can stop taking extra long showers twice a day, what can you stop doing?


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