Use a Fork Instead of a Spoon to Mix the Chocolate Milk

A tall glass of cold chocolate milk is a good treat for young and old alike, but most people use a spoon to stir it, and a spoon is, unfortunately, a poor stirring tool. Which tool is the right one, you ask? Yes, unless of course a fork!

I mean, of course, a spoon will get you there, but a fork will get you there faster. Think of it this way: You are trying to get the chocolate – be it powder or syrup – to form a solution as quickly as possible. The multi-pronged fork acts almost like a miniature whisk, creating several (most likely four) small vortices in the milk. On the other hand, a spoon creates a single, slow, lazy vortex. The choice is obvious.

In addition to adding chocolate to milk more quickly, the fork aerates the drink, giving it a pleasant, light texture. So save the soup spoons and enjoy a smoother, more effective chocolate milk.


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