Launch a Virtual Race for a Solo Competition

Physical distancing put an end to most of our usual activities. For runners, this includes canceling any upcoming races. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can boost your heart rate and improve your competitiveness while staying safe and healthy.

One option is virtual races, which can be run anywhere of your choice using one of a number of apps that track your run. After you submit your results, you will even receive them in the mail. No crowds, no marked running routes, just a race against yourself and the virtual community of other runners.

Here are some of the virtual races taking place in April:

Strong Virtual Aravaip Race

Aravaipa Running specializes in cross-country racing throughout Arizona, Colorado and Utah. They now offer a virtual race , for which participants must register by April 3rd. For the strong virtual race of Arawaipa, participants choose a distance from 5 km to 100 miles, with the actual run taking place in a set time period from April 17 to 26.

According to the organizers, runners can cover this distance for several days, and they are allowed to “walk, run, skip, walk, move or shorten the distance; whatever is convenient for you. ” Runners are also encouraged to take and share photos.

Heart Bolt Virtual 5K

The proceeds from the Bolt for the Heart Virtual 5K project, which can be launched from now until April 5 , will help buy coffee and food for emergency rooms in Indiana. Participants who provide proof of their run will receive a finisher’s medal and T-shirt by mail.

Running for isolation

“We got it,” says Dirt Run Co., organizer of the Isolation Run . “Quarantine right now makes you want to race more than anything else.” Participants in this race can run a virtual ½ marathon, a full marathon or 50 km from April 4th to 11th. Submitting the results will mail them a racing jersey and a hiking mug.

Quarantine 2020 Virtual 5K

In this race, participants can walk or run a distance of 5 km at any time from now until April 30. After the finishers send their confirmation email, they will receive the medal in the mail. The organizers of the race note that participants can do this race on “a personal treadmill at your home, in the vicinity, on a quiet dirt road outside the city or in any other place where you will not be crowded.”

Backyard Quarantine Ultra

The Backyard Ultra quarantine will be streamed live on Youtube starting April 4 at 7 a.m. Mountain Time. Participants will log in using Zoom and cycle on or near the treadmill. After each cycle, runners must provide proof that they have actually completed it, after which each will start another cycle until only the person is left. This runner will collect the Golden Toilet Paper.

As the organizers warn: “Running, especially at high intensity or prohibitively long distances, suppresses your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease,” and that “This is just for fun – we don’t want this activity to add any unnecessary a burden on the medical system. “

Choose a distance, sign up for a race that suits you, and start running. Just make sure you are six feet away from other runners at all times.


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