Enjoy a Free Copy of ‘Child of Light’ for Your Windows PC

Ubisoft’s great platformer, Child of Light , became quite popular in 2014. We’ve all aged a little since then, but the game hasn’t – and you can now grab a free copy from Ubisoft in just a couple of clicks. Who doesn’t like free games?

There is a catch, but it is small. If you’re reading this after March 28, 2020, you’re out of luck. The free copy eluded you because you skipped Ubisoft’s four-day window for a free copy. However, there is also a better side. Instead of running the somewhat bloated UPlay app to reconcile a purchase, you can simply log into your UPlay account – or create one if you don’t have one – and use that link to win a free game.

I should also point out that you only get the base Child of Light game for free. The DLC packs for the game, seven in total, will still cost a little money if you want to expand your gaming session. While there is a cooperative element, if two people sit in front of the same PC, Child of the Light is primarily a single player experience. This is not a criticism , but it is worth knowing about it before you invite a few friends to watch your new game. This is a great game thanks to all these hand drawn backgrounds and watercolor-like effects.

While you probably have a fairly large play queue due to the coronavirus and / or your new lifestyle at home, Child of Light is worth putting at the top of your list. It is a wonderful and simple relief from everyday stress.


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