Where to Find Coronavirus Eviction and Utility Shutdown Rules for Your State

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, many cities and states have suspended rent evictions and utility shutdowns. But everywhere you look with so much pandemic-related news, it can be difficult to find this information without distraction.

The Princeton University Eviction Laboratory has compiled a catalog of changes to municipal and government eviction policies. There are several federal policy changes at the top of the directory, followed by an alphabetical listing by state. The catalog contains the type of action and valid dates, as well as a link to more detailed information.

The list is updated “continuously” as more detailed information becomes available.

Here’s just a part of the catalog to give you an idea of ​​how living conditions can vary from place to place:

For example, in some areas there are specific dates for the imposition of a moratorium on evictions, while in others, evictions are suspended indefinitely. Some places have announced that they will not cut off water or electricity; others have indicated that all utilities will remain enabled.

The site also has links to changes in federal policy, including agencies such as the USDA’s Food Aid Program.

If you have information that you want the Eviction Lab team to add to the list, you can send them a note .


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