How to Look and Sound Great in a Conference Call

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly made video conferencing a central part of our lives. Unfortunately, webcams have the uncanny ability to reveal our most vulnerable and least flattering moments. In the video above, we share some tips on how to look and sound best during a hangout.

Dress for the occasion

If you are traveling to work, at least wear the right shirt for the job. Your coworkers don’t need to see this graphic ketchup-stained tee from your lunch hot dog.

Find a quiet and well-lit room

Ideally, you should take calls in a quiet room with a nice large window. No one wants to hear your dishwasher in the kitchen or your roommate cutting vegetables. Remember not to sit in front of windows or light sources, but rather sit in front of them. This way, you will not be a silhouette in the frame and your face will be properly lit.

Position your webcam

You might be tempted to place your laptop on your lap. But the only person who should count the nose hair is you, so spare your colleagues the hassle and put your webcam up to eye level.

Remember audio

There is nothing more annoying during a call than random background noise or a bad microphone. To mitigate these problems, use headphones to avoid feedback, use an external microphone for clearer sound, and always mute yourself when not speaking.

Look, no one looks good on a conference call. But that’s not an excuse for looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Following the tips above will keep your work calls focused and professional, and your conversations with family and friends bearable and even enjoyable.


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