Let Us Know About Your Technical Problems With Working From Home

As we’re all stuck – or soon stuck – in our homes and apartments for the foreseeable future, I’m going to expand Lifehacker’s tech advice column, Tech 911 , for a full week next week. From March 23rd to March 27th, I am going to answer one question every day related to any problem you are having with your work from home setup.

It can be anything: low-quality Wi-Fi, a computer that doesn’t work (or won’t turn on), problems with the service, requests for app recommendations, stress due to an accidentally deleted file, whatever . If you find something annoying about working from home or don’t know where to start, tell me. Ask your questions in the comments to this post or email me david.murphy@lifehacker.com .

Heck, we can even talk about technical etiquette . Need help figuring out how to manage the bandwidth of your home between four people? What about the skyrocketing electricity bills that you all get if you use your desktops 24 hours a day? Tell me your problems and I will do my best to find solutions. We will overcome this together; I know we will. If not, then at least I can give you some great free games to pass the time – or whatever else you’re looking for.

I work from home right now – I always work from home at Lifehacker, and before that I worked from home for years. This is, of course, an adjustment, and it can introduce a whole host of technological problems and things that you didn’t think you needed to know, but which now need to be dealt with. For example, why are you having such a slow speed when uploading work files? Looking for a new work laptop? New wireless router? New cable modem? Best internet plan? Is a VPN working at your place of work? Etc.

Let me help you.


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