Do’s and Don’ts When Disinfecting Your Phone

At this point, we are all well aware of the CDC’s recommendation to wash our hands to fight the coronavirus. However, much less attention is paid to the cleanliness of our phones. In the video above, I will discuss the basic rules for disinfecting a smartphone without damaging it.

What to do

While it was common practice to avoid cleaning phones with disinfectant wipes, Apple recently announced that they can be used . To avoid damaging the protective coating on the touchscreen, it is best to use disinfectant wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol . Apple recommends Clorox sanitizing wipes, and the CDC says any EPA-registered wipes will work.

When wiping your phone, be careful not to press too hard . For added protection, wear disposable gloves to keep germs out of your hands. After the phone is clean, be sure to wipe down your case too.

Finally, wash your hands well again .

What is not allowed

If you don’t have disinfectant wipes, don’t try to make a homemade cleaning solution . If the concentration is not correct, there is a chance of damaging the coating of the touch screen. You also won’t want to use heavy duty wipes , bleach, or general cleaning sprays .

Although most modern smartphones have some level of water resistance, it is recommended that liquids do not get into ports and protruding grilles . Do not wipe your phone with an abrasive cloth or paper towels . Instead, wipe off the liquid with a soft material such as a microfiber cloth.


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