Subscribers Can Now Get Two Months of Free Adobe Creative Cloud

For creatives and freelancers who need to edit software while working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, Adobe is offering two months free access to Creative Cloud for a short time – but only to existing subscribers. Sign in with your Adobe ID at , then go to the Plans section and click to cancel your current subscription, but don’t complete it. While in the cancellation process, find the “Offers” link and you will see a special discount. Click on the offer and the two months will be automatically applied to your account.

After 60 days, you will still be automatically billed for the regular monthly cost, which can be up to $ 79.50 depending on which plan you are using. Set a reminder on your phone to cancel your membership after 60 days if you don’t want to pay. Hopefully the worst of the COVID-19 shocks remains behind us before then, but it’s still wise to plan ahead.

Offering the entire Creative Cloud suite for free is a welcome move for those of us in the creative arts, especially freelancers who are losing concerts due to event cancellations or sudden business drops while COVID-19 forces everyone to stay at home practicing social distancing. … Of course, it’s not just creative people who face uncertainty – COVID-19 is creating severe economic disruption for businesses and individuals alike, but other companies are also taking action to ease financial anxiety without stopping you from working, accessing the Internet . buying food or watching entertainment .


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