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As I write this, I am personally on Day Two of our temporary-but-we-don’t-know- how temporary school closure. For those of you in the same boat, you know that the phrase “days are long” has taken on a whole new meaning. These days should be filled with something, and ideally at least part of that something will be academic.

If you’ve put together a daytime school schedule for your kids while they’re at home, many of these resources will fit perfectly into their daily lives – and give them a little variety at a time when we all crave more variety.

Virtual Scientists

If your kids have access to technology and your school doesn’t have specific guidelines for what they want them to be taught, you can put their brains to work on a variety of educational websites and apps. They are either already free or offered free of charge right now due to school closings.

Scholastic Study at Home Website

Scholastic launched the Homeschool program to provide daily learning opportunities for four classes: pre-KK; 1-2 classes; 3-5 classes; and grades 6-9 +. The company says the program provides for about three hours of training per day for up to four weeks of training.

Lessons include “writing and research projects based on popular science articles and stories, virtual tours, reading and geography assignments, access to our new digital community for children, Scholastic Home Base, and more.”

Virtual school day ” for a university tutor

Each student in grades K-12 can receive 20 hours per week of free interactive online instruction on a variety of subjects and topics.

Science Mom “QuaranTime ” dailylive broadcast

On weekdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm ET, Mommy Science and Daddy Mathematician air the show, which includes a science lesson, math exercises, interactive games and storytelling. You can watch each show on their YouTube channel, or follow them on Facebook for topics or tips ahead of time.

Storyline online

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Children’s Literacy website broadcasts videos featuring actors reading children’s books, with beautiful, lightly animated illustrations. Each video includes a lesson guide designed for grade K-5 students.

Excellent math and reading sites

Still want more academic websites and class ideas? Check outthis giant list of educational companies offering free subscriptions due to school closures. And this is a list of 30 virtual tours .

To make them move

Whatever your kids’ schedule these days, it’s important to take movement breaks throughout the day. This is where GoNoodle comes in.

Good Energy at Home by GoNoodle

GoNoodle launched this page as a free resource while schools are closed. It includes motion and mindfulness videos, as well as downloadable learning resources and ideas for kids and their families to do behind the scenes at home.

GoNoodle Games App

The company also recently released the app for iOS (it is said to be coming to Android soon). The app currently offers four games, each requiring movement such as jumping, dodging and dodging.

For a younger crowd

I see you there, parents of babies. In many cases, you also work from home. And your kids need less screen time, more help, and more attention. There are some good resources to spend your educational time – and hopefully in a way that frees you up a bit for the job:

This list is far from exhaustive. There are plenty of quality websites, apps, and other activity ideas out there right now, and many of them are free.

Add to this list (and help each other) by commenting below any of your favorites that I haven’t mentioned here.


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