How to Exercise If You Can’t Go to the Gym

Whether you’re in quarantine , your gym has canceled activities as a social distancing measure, or you just want to be careful, it’s nice to be able to exercise outside of your regular gym or fitness routine. Here are some ways to stay active on your own.

Go outside

In short, the idea of ​​social distancing is to stay six feet away from other people and not touch things that other people touch. While this is often summed up as “stay home,” it is actually possible to get out of the house if you can follow these guidelines.

This means you can still go jogging or cycling on your own, or go outdoors to hike or do other outdoor activities. (If you are bringing a partner with you for safety reasons, just be aware that the two of you may share germs. However, if both of you are feeling good or if you already live together, there is not much risk to any particular walks.)

Replace group activities with apps or videos

Do you miss this group fitness atmosphere? Luckily, you can still get it without the group itself. We tested several apps that put the instructor in your ear, on your phone or tablet screen. Try one on a stationary bike in the gym (which should be thoroughly wiped down before and after), or go for a run outdoors.

You can also find workouts online. Here are some of the best videos to watch if you’re alone. Once you’ve worked them through, don’t forget our classic guide to the best YouTube workout channels .

Strength training with minimal equipment

All of these weights in the gym are really comfortable, but they are not the only way to train muscles. Remember that you have the following options at home:

These are all great as a time lag until you get back to your regular routine. However, if you have basement or spare room space, this might be the perfect time to start putting together your dream home gym .


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