How to Prevent Spam Notifications From IPhone and IPad Apps

Apple recently updated its App Store policies so that apps can send you push notifications that contain ads, marketing, or other promotions. This move isn’t a big surprise, given that Apple has been doing it in its own apps for years – everyone remembers the annoying temptations you got to subscribe to Apple TV + or Apple News + ? Mm-hmm .

Apps that use push notifications to send spam notify you of what the app developer wants, must give users the option to opt out of notifications, and users must agree to receive them. But I’m not sure if this whole process will go well. I mean, Apple hasn’t provided an easy way to turn off notifications turned into advertisements for its own services, and Apple created the operating system, let alone the rules.

Now is a good time to revisit your notification settings and be more selective about what (and how) you allow to disturb you. Why deal with a flood of annoyance when they all hit when you can get ahead of the wave?

To begin, open the application “Settings” in the iOS (or iPadOS) and click “Notifications”. You will now see a huge list of all applications installed on your iPhone or iPad.

There is no great way to bulk customize app notifications, as much as I would like it to be. Anyway, this method is a great reminder to delete apps from your device that you no longer use (or never used), as you will have to browse each app individually to customize how you want it to notify you with a new one. information – if any.

When you click on the app, you get the following screen:

Here you can specify where you want to display notifications. For example, if you are tired of being bombarded with a certain application on your lock screen, you can disable its ability to disturb you there. And if you still want to see app notifications, if you open them, you can allow it to keep showing up in your Notification Center – or let it bug you with a banner if you don’t mind updates while you’re using your iPhone or iPad. …

I highly recommend disabling the app’s ability to give a small beep prompt when it has an update to share – here’s TodayTix , which scared the hell out of me more than once. You can even turn off the app icon if you like, which is that tiny dot with a number that usually makes a person see what the app wants or needs.

If there are apps that you’ve noticed are particularly good at plaguing you with notifications, I would focus on those first; If you have a few games on your iPhone or iPad that rarely bother you, you can skip updating their settings until they bother you. I like to customize the look and feel of my iPhone, but even I don’t have the patience to update all notification settings for a large number of apps installed on my device. When an app becomes a jerk, its settings are changed or completely removed.


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