Add Cold Beer to Your Smoothie

One problem that smoothie newbies may notice is that they need to add a lot more liquid than they originally thought. Add too little and you have a fruity sediment – a tasty fruity sediment, but a sediment nonetheless.

To make this smoothie drinkable, you’ll probably go for milk or juice, but each has its own additional challenges. Milk tends to do things, well, dairy is not quite the refreshing smoothie texture you want after a sweaty workout. Too much juice will turn this already sugar-laden drink into a sugar bomb. Pure water is fine, but let me suggest a much better alternative: a cold drink .

The smoothness of the cold drink gives the smoothie a pleasant, uniform fluidity, while the typically strong aroma melts in the background. You feel thatthat, but with stronger flavors like banana and berries brightness, cold brew simply extends the total range of taste, adding a deep, dark JE n sais Quoi. Not to mention the pleasant taste of the caffeinated cold drink, of course.

To avoid vibrating on my own skin, I recommend using a mixture of milk (I prefer oatmeal or almond, but you prefer) and cold broth as a liquid base for your next smoothie – a few sips of each should help cheat.

( Bonus Trick! If you’re adding protein powder to your smoothie, first add the cold broth, milk and banana to the bottom of the blender along with your protein and stir the mixture into a gruel. This will create a good smoothie base, helping the protein dissolve a little better before you add all the rest of the garbage.)


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