How to Find Hidden Colored Holi Drawing From Google

Google celebrates Hindu Holi with a colorful hidden feature. Holi celebrates the transition from winter to spring. The day is celebrated with many traditional events and rituals, but the most iconic are the large crowds of people playfullythrowing colorful powders and paints at each other .

Google is taking part in the celebration with a fun interactive feature that lets you add the same vibrant hues that Holi is famous for to the search results screen. Here’s how to find it:

  1. Search for Holi on Google. It works in both desktop and mobile browsers.
  2. Click / tap the cups of colored powder under the Knowledge Holi card.
  3. Click / tap on the screen to throw a virtual handful of powder onto the screen and color the search results page.
  4. You can keep clicking or touching the screen as long as you like. Click or tap the water drop icon at the top of the screen to wash out the colors and start over.

It’s fun entertainment and a great way to introduce people to the traditions of another culture. Be sure to read about the festival and its importance if you decide to try the colorful Easter egg.

Thanks to 9to5Google for initially pointing this out.


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