How to Properly Care for Cast Iron

Cast iron is a favorite of serious home cooks. But what is really serious for most people is the right way to care for your heavy metal cookware. Some people swear that soap is the enemy of a properly cooked pan. Others believe that the correct way to refuel a pan takes five hours .

Well, the good news is that cast iron is easier to maintain than you previously thought. However, it requires more care than most other dishes and utensils.

Most people have a big question whether it is possible to wash cast iron dishes with soap. The answer is yes! Soap away! Just be sure to rinse and dry the pan thoroughly and then season it again immediately.

Season the frying pan? What is it? “It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Handling cast iron in a certain way to give it a protective non-stick coating. After each use and cleaning, return the pan to medium heat and add a few drops of vegetable oil. Spread the oil evenly over the pan using a cotton swab. paper towel Make sure there are no oils in any parts of the pan, let cool and store. That’s it! Your pan is now seasoned.

“But how can I clean the pan if I’m still afraid of soap?” First, let’s get this straight: some people say don’t use soap because it can break down the polymers formed by the oil when the seasoning is added. (It doesn’t, so don’t worry.) You still shouldn’t let the pan soak in soapy water in the sink, but if you insist on alternatives to soap, return the pan to the fire and add some salt and vegetables. butter. Scrub the surface with a cotton paper towel or ball of foil. Just season one more time and you are ready for the next cooking step!


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