Instead of “Happy Birthday,” Wash Your Hands Under the Pizza Bagel Jingle.

Hand washing is important, especially at times like these , but simply spraying hot soapy water is not the best option. There is actually a correct way to wash your hands, and that involves singing (or purring).

You don’t technically need to sing (or hum) anything, but it’s an easy way to make sure you wash your hands for the correct germ-fighting amount of time, which is 20 seconds, or the amount of time. you need to sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

“Happy Birthday,” however, is a silly song. It is difficult to sing and, if it is not your birthday, serves as a sad reminder that today is not your birthday and you will not receive any gifts. Since this is a stupid song, you can quickly pick it up, nullifying the whole purpose of singing this difficult song. But there is one more song you can sing (or hum) – the song you really want to sing, the song of the generation. This song, when sung twice, is exactly 20 seconds long – the right number of seconds to wash your hands. You may know that.

Yes, my friends, I’m talking about the Pizza Bagel Bites jingle, the best jingle. Not only is this song easier to sing than Happy Birthday, but it also reminds me of buying Pizza Bagels, which is good!

It is also not the only jingle that works here. ThePuppy Surprise jingle (when sung twice) is about 24 seconds long, while theMentos jingle only needs to be sung once. A call from this exclusively local ad that aired in my hometown Mississippi is also great if you’re looking for a deep cut.

Whichever you choose to sing, hum or chant, just make sure it’s 20 seconds and make sure you dry your hands with soapy water, mindful of the backs of your hands and wrists, and between your fingers. Rinse, dry and repeat frequently.


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