Why Did You Get Strange Notification “1” on a Samsung Android Device?

Did you receive a strange notification on your Samsung phone last night? You’re not alone. Mysterious notification messages have surfaced on the Internet in the last day after some Samsung phones received a “Find My Phone” push notification that simply reads “1” without any explanation.

This is only part of the puzzle, as some users have also noticed a spike in Find My Phone battery usage along with an occasional alert. Users pondered the cause and looked for possible solutions to the battery problem, but no clear solutions emerged.

The good news is that there is nothing to worry about being notified. Samsung claims the warning was just a coincidence. Basically, someone pressed a button they didn’t want to do and sent out a mass notification during internal testing – no one tried to locate your device without your consent, although why it said “1” is unclear (and probably not it doesn’t matter if you’re not really into numerology).

But the problem with the battery is another story. There is obviously a correlation, but Samsung’s announcement does not solve the problem. Find My Phone doesn’t usually drain the battery like it would under normal conditions, so hopefully this was just a one-time fluke and not a mistake. There is no need to start frantically changing passwords, turning off notifications or anything like that.

However, if you wake up in the middle of the night and see the number “2” on your smartphone, you might want to move the phone away from your head. You never know.


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