Southwest Sells One-Way Flights for Just $ 69 This Week

If you’re thinking of traveling in the next few months, Southwest Airlines has a sale right now that might be worth taking a look at. The airline offers one-way flights between several different destinations in the United States for $ 69 each way, so you can potentially go on this adventure for $ 138 or less.

As with most trades, there are a few caveats to this. Tickets must be purchased by midnight on February 20 and issued no later than 21 days later. The offers are specifically for travel in the continental United States and between the islands in Hawaii from March 3 to May 20, and for travel to / from San Juan, Puerto Rico, from April 14 to May 14.

Most of these discounted rides should also take place on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Here you can find special offers for your airport . By default, this link will be to Auckland, but you can find your city in the drop-down menu under Search Low Rates.

What is on offer varies from airport to airport. Some tickets cost just over $ 69 one way, but are still well below their regular Southwest price.

As with any ticket sale, there is also a small price comparison to be done before booking. While the sale is definitely a discount in terms of Southwest’s regular prices, you might still find a better deal on some of these fares with another airline, especially if you can and would like to book a round-trip ticket instead.


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