Prepare Lazy Affogato With Leftover Coffee

I have heard that there are people who drink a lot of coffee. In fact, their mood is so dependent on the drink that you don’t even want to talk to them until they have had their coffee. These people probably don’t have a lot of coffee leftovers, but that’s not me.

You see, I’m a delicate person, and my limit is about one and one third of a cup of caffeinated drink. If it’s more, my leg will start to bounce, my eyelid may start twitching (it depends on what I’ve eaten), and my tweets will become fucking manic. That’s all to say that I often find myself with a lot of leftover drip coffee because even my little coffee maker makes two and a half cups.

This is certainly not a problem, because abundance is rare. Sometimes I put the pot in the fridge and enjoy iced coffee the next morning (I know it’s not a fancy cold beer, but the last time I drank a cold beer I heard a sound), but recently (especially on weekends) I poured a chilled leftover coffee on a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a lazy affogato.

It is not authentic; Real affogato is made with fresh espresso and gelato, but it is very good and I found that the lack of the “right” ingredients makes me feel a little more free and playful. (Is there a mint chip in coffee leftovers? Of course! It’s not an Italian espresso!)

Rather than melting ice cream like a hot espresso (which is nice too), the iced coffee is iced in places, forming a crunchy coffee granite, like the icy nuggets you find in a mug of root beer. He seems both virtuous (because you’re not wasting) and slightly Italian (because of his inspiration). This is the perfect afternoon or after dinner treat. It makes sleeping a little harder, but a little amaro will balance you out (you can also try this with ice cream).


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