Book Hotel Rooms at Wholesale Rates Using This Extension

When it comes to booking hotel rooms, the site you use to book can make as much difference as when you decide to travel. There are a number of great sites for finding deals by room, now a new Chrome extension can help you potentially find even better deals.

An extension called Room Steals works in conjunction with existing booking sites to show you what the wholesale price for a room might be, and that that booking site is actually paying the hotel for your booking. Moreover, it will allow you to book a room at an even lower price.

To use the service you are using, you need to search for a hotel room using , , Expedia or Google as usual. After you do your initial search, a pop-up window will tell you that the same room is available at a lower price. If so, you can click on that popup and book it directly through Room Steals.

For example, in March, I quickly looked for a hotel room in Vegas. offered me a king room for $ 529 for 4 nights. The Room Theft pop-up offered me the same room for $ 117.73 a night, which is a $ 64 difference in total cost.

Room Steals is free to download and use; however, if you wish to book a discounted room, you must pay an annual fee to the site. Well worth it for frequent travelers. For people who only book one hotel room during the year, this may be less.

However, a yearly subscription to Room Steals costs $ 59, so if I were to just use it for this booking, I would still save $ 5. After that, all my future feed rates will become gravy.

Room Steals may offer discounted rooms because they offer them at the same wholesale price as other hotel sites buy them, except that the price is not increased to generate a profit. Instead, he receives this “profit” in the form of your annual subscription fee.

If you’re looking to book a hotel room soon, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially since you don’t have to pay that fee if you don’t already know what the discount is worth.


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