Zerkers Are Our Last Bizarre Rise of the Month

I hope you enjoy keeping the barbell in bent elbows because that’s what we’re doing in our last quirky exercise this month. The Zercher Lift or Zercher Squats will help you with this.

There are several ways to use the zercher in your workouts. One is the squat: lift the bar off the barbell posts and do the squat while holding the bar at the elbows. Another is to do a deadlift from the floor, then place it on your hips, and put your hands in and stand with it. You can also pick it up straight off the floor with your elbows, but this tends to take a heavy toll on your back.

So I’m getting ready for an event called Waist Continental, where you just have to put a barbell on your waist. Some people lift the bar straight off the floor; other zercher it. Here’s what I did:

Why not try some version of the Zercher lift this week? Then come back and tell me which of the unusual climbs this month was your favorite. If you enjoyed this material, consider checking out the US All-Around Weightlifting Association , where I first learned about most of these exercises.


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