Turn Your Holiday Movie Collection Into a Christmas Calendar

Family movie nights are great in theory and usually in practice, unless there are too many chefs in the kitchen (or people in the family room). Sounds familiar?

“Let’s watch a movie!”

“Cool, what should we see?”

“What about ((a popular superhero movie))?”

“No, I want to watch ((that Disney movie we’ve seen 100 times))?”

“Hey, you chose last time!”


We have a solution for the scenario above, which is especially handy if you have a collection of holiday movies that you want to work on every winter.

  1. At the start of the season – that is, right now – wrap up all your holiday DVDs and Blu-rays.
  2. Every night (or a couple of times a week), have someone pick a “gift” and open it. No substitutions for another film.
  3. If you expect to be confronted with the question “It’s my turn to choose!” Question “No, it’s my turn” with children (you will), set the order in any order forward: from youngest to oldest, from shortest to longest hair, alphabetically by name, etc.
  4. Dim the lights and enjoy!

It’s like a new twist on the countdown to Christmas. An anti-competitive advent calendar, if you like.

But … I have no physical copies of these films.

If you don’t have real copies of your favorite holiday movies, write down the movie titles and take them one by one from a large mug or bowl.

Don’t like holiday movies? It also works great with bedtime books.

Hate wasting brown paper? Give each heading a number in the note on your phone and let family members pick a number, any number.

Make adjustments as needed to suit your family’s needs and available supplies.


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