Turn Festive Lights Into Festive “nightlights” in Your Kids’ Room

My son was born in a festive mood. The kid never met a holiday that he didn’t like. Obviously this time of year is his jam. We have spent many hours (and I mean many) making our Halloween decorations this year. And for the past week or two, he has begged me to start building our little winter village with the addition of a taco truck this year.

Particularly at Christmas, he also loves to decorate his bedroom with plastic candy canes, a reindeer sign, and even his little tabletop Christmas tree. Why don’t we light up his room this year? my husband said recently. “Like a night light. We could put them on a timer. “

Yes, my husband, why do not we hang holiday lights around his room to get the best, most festive night light in the world ?? (And how have we never thought about it before?) Holiday lights have that perfect soft, hazy glow that allows you to see your way across the room if you need to pee in the middle of the night, but not as bright as it actually doesn’t give you to fall asleep.

So we go for it, and I think you should too. You can hang them around the entire perimeter of the room, or choose one dominant spot, such as around a cabinet doorway or across the headboard. If you really want to do this, I’ll also encourage you to buy a small wood on the countertop and wrap a single strand of light around it, then set it up in the corner opposite the bed or on the dresser.

Plug them in and leave them on overnight, or set a timer to turn them off as dawn approaches.

Is it possible that after the holidays they will become attached to the light and want to maintain it all year round? Of course, definitely. But I don’t see anything wrong with that.


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