Most Funny and Confusing Short YouTube Videos Haiku Subreddit

The YouTube Haiku subreddit contains good videos up to 30 seconds long. The best ones are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes confusing. I’ve been a genre connoisseur for seven years. I have collected my favorites below. This is a real snack – you think you can only get one or two ten-second hits, but by the time you stop, you will have spent half an hour. But unlike scrolling on Instagram, you walk away touched, changed, enriched, obsessed with the way this lady pronounces the word “handbag.”

There is a certain mixture of humor and “what the heck” about this subreddit. For example, this excerpt from Iron Chef contributed by naive_springwater :

Individual line readings like this from u / yeemeister are a common theme:

Some weird video subreddits can get sneaky. While this tone is present in some of the material on r / YouTubeHaiku, more often than not, the video is a celebration of the weird and the serious. Like this view from u / p6fitz taken directly from the boy’s YouTube channel, without any major edits in most of the material.

“A boy does something stupid” is a common theme. As in a real time situation, ideal as any slapstick scenario. See, both in the material submitted u / SirJacobTehgamarh .

Sometimes the title of a Reddit view will completely change the context of a video. This one was introduced as “My grandfather on his new Dell”.

One form of recontextualization is an attempt, real or playful, to explain what is confusing us. Why did this actor put the line like that? Why is this kid acting so weird? Why are workers in the view of u / AitkenGG uselessly putting together a pedestrian crossing? Perhaps this is a perfectly reasonable way to clear the lanes at a pedestrian crossing so that they can be recognized by the touch of a cane. But it’s fun to apply the logic of video games and say that they are modeled after Age of Empires .

If you watch enough of them, you will begin to realize that a short video is qualitatively different from a long one. The same stimulation rules do not apply. Most two-minute comedy sketches could be greatly improved by removing 90 seconds from them. See this successful bit submitted by u / jcs1994j . He has just enough time to have fun, stay funny and quit smoking.

Video games can tell a special story that movies usually cannot tell: a story in which the hero finally and humiliatingly plays out.

I think we’re missing out on how many creative idioms (broader than genre, but more specific than medium) have been invented by internet memes. In the past, there was no room for some jokes. Once the technology arrives, it will be able to open up all kinds of previous material for comedic interpretation. Take this example posted by Wighen18 :

Some haiku, such as this one presented by u / generalmaks , are three seconds long . They could have become Vines if Vine had lasted long enough.

Some haiku have a lot going on. It’s incredible that all of this happens in 11 seconds:

Some are very laconic. Some can convert people to socialism in six seconds.

Sometimes the haiku is at the end of a longer video. Like the last ten seconds of this clip, presented by Monatok91 :

There is a controversial subset of videos that are just iterations of a recurring meme . Many of them rely on recognition more than on real humor. This video featured by u / MonkeyStrings is actually funny. But for this it is necessary that you are familiar with the video“Duck Army”. So watch this and then this.

As with the fake soccer sponsors above, this video (submitted by ThisIs_MyName ) is based on humor and a little gibberish. It’s difficult as a joke, but I dare say that it’s not funny.

Not all videos are about humor. U / Derpazard’s famous wine cellar cat clip “Take the pet without problems” presented by u / Derpazard is simply cozy.

This video (submitted by u / Josephthebear ) is also modest. This may not interest you at all. Or it can keep you warm like a blanket. Nothing out of the ordinary or flashy here, just an appreciation of a tiny personal quirk. Top YouTube comment on this video: “He looks like a good guy.” Again, this story can only be told in short internet videos.

These videos are a window to the world. They revel in the lack of context, even if they provide their own. However, our last example has some background.

After Teckham posted this video, Sarude Dandstrom commented on it with an explanation copied from the YouTube downloader. A blond boy in a gray sweater pissed off the school by showing off his chess prowess and promising to beat Luke, the dark-haired boy. To settle matters, the school organized a charity chess match. And goodness triumphed.

There is endless entertainment on r / youtubehaiku. But if variety makes you dizzy and you want to gain a deeper understanding of certain feelings: for videos of things that go awry all at once, visit r / AbruptChaos . To watch videos of someone emotionally depressed, visit r / WatchPeopleDieInside . What – what is even more short, visit g / GIF , g / hyphae , g / reactiongifs and g / HighQualityGifs .


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