See If You Can Sing As High As Freddie Mercury

I thought the office was full of ghosts. The shrill howl of a cat or baby coming from the ventilation holes. The car from the building outside the window? Oh god, probably a dying mouse in the ceiling. I invited our deputy editor Alice to listen to me. “I heard that!” she said. She returned to her office; I crept through the office rooms. Asked our creative producer Heather if she heard that too. She was laughing. Yesterday we all played Hit the High Notes , a game where you see how high you can sing. She tried to defeat him.

Hit the High Notes plays a tone to you and names a famous singer who can sing to that tone. Then you try to sing it. With my real voice, I tap out pretty quickly, just a few notes ahead of Frank Sinatra. In falsetto, I can move on until I start grinding and creaking like a sneaky bjork. The only way I can compare to real tall singers is through deception and even then I cannot reach the top. Whitney Houston can sing higher than I can whistle.

This web toy comes from , an especially beautiful and creative site that is wasting time . When you’re done breaking your throat, try throwing a soccer ball to cruel British kids in a surprisingly nervous game. Or for a singing game that is less like a hearing test and more like a night of very karaoke, try FreddieMeter YouTube Music and try singing like Freddie Mercury.


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