Most Underrated Songs According to Reddit

“Which song is 10/10, but hardly anyone has heard it?” – asked the redditor depressinqq. AskReddit users replied with 435 songs. Redditor BubblyBullinidae put them on Spotify playlist .

You’ve definitely heard of some of them. There are hits and deep cuts from Portishead, Ween, Steely Dan, Everly Brothers, Kate Bush, Tame Impala and Phoebe Bridgers. (That’s a pretty whitelist.) But most recognizable songs are fun, and unless you’re a big music nerd, many of them will be new to you.

If you want deeper cuts, head over to r / vintageobscura , which has strict rules on how obscure a track should be. Every month, they publish a playlist on YouTube of the members’ favorite, lesser-known tracks. Here’s the last one. You have never heard these songs for sure.


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