How to Slice a Mango Without Cutting Your Hand

Eating a mango is like taking a little vacation in your mouth – suddenly you are transported to a sunny and warm place, even if you are not. But as tasty as they are, they can be a little tricky to separate. Luckily, this instructional video demonstrates how to cut large, clean mango slices around a flat oval pit (yes, mangoes have pits). The video is a little shaky, so if you are prone to dizziness, consider yourself warned. Also, enjoy your loans.

Sliced ​​mango, if you want to cut it into cubes, you can cut it into a rectangle and push the peel cubes, flipping the slices. This part is not shown in the video, but it is well covered in this photo tutorial .

This story was originally published in 2006 and was updated on 11/22/19 to provide more complete and up-to-date information.


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