Help Your Child Learn Visual Words With This Trick

Kindergartens have a lot to do. They learn to recognize letters and numbers, they count in order, they learn to speak words, and then they learn that many words in English cannot actually be “spoken”. Words like “them”, “know”, “who” and “know” are among the roughly 100 words they must remember because they are either very frequent or cannot be spoken. They must know them by sight.

Each week they come home with a new list of unfamiliar words, which they must learn to recognize and spell by the end of the week. It’s a lot. But one father on our Offspring Facebook group came up with a way to make letters, numbers, and words easy to practice throughout the week; he glues them to the inside of kitchen cabinets:

“(Here is) my kindergarten in the kitchen equipped for letters, numbers and signs,” says team member Daniel Binz. “I use a laser pointer; other than that, it’s pretty low tech. Just tired of sheets of paper all over the place. “

Sheets are easy to change from week to week, and while you cook dinner, you can open the cupboards and do some exercise with your child.

An option (a little more tricky) from another member of the group: pin his words to your bedroom door and tell the children that these are “passwords” to log in in the morning.


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